Best of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023

Did you know that 90%1 of the internet is inaccessible to people who use assistive technologies? And that in the UK 40%2 of local council websites are inaccessible to those same people, and that this number is going up and not down! These are horrifying statistics, and as Software Engineers, it is our responsibility to start the trend of improving this. So in honour of Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023 I am collating a list of articles that will help you to improve the accessibility of your websites and products and will be updating this throughout the day.

Accessibility in Engineering

The Importance of using semantic HTML Louise Gilligan
Louise has written a fantastic article about how to use semantic HTML to improve the accessibility of your website, and the additional benefits this has for software engineers and the business.

Accessibility in Testing

How to test for low vision and improve A11y user experience María José Maldonado
A wonderfully informative post from about low vision testing and you can include it in your processes from the very start.

Introduction to accessibility testing – Marie Cruz
People often start their careers in software testing not being exposed to accessibility testing, this was true for Marie too. In this post she talks about her journey to creating the Test Automation University course on accessibility testing.

Axelerant presents QA Q&A 
A Q&A video featuring Marie again that covers all things accessibility

Accessibility in Design

The Future of Design Systems is Accessible – Figma
Design systems are ostensibly the best solution to move the needle upward. If everyone is using the same kit of parts and following the same set of rules, surely it should be easy enough to weave in accessibility guidance as well, right? (Right?)

Learn more about accessibility

LinkedIn are providing their Explore Accessibility course free for the next week.

Test Automation University’s Test Automation for Accessibility is free to all.

Introduction to accessibility testing by Deborah Reid is available at The Ministry of Testing website for free.


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